What a feeling! I am comforted by this verse. Even in our darkest days when the world seems against us and we can’t do anything right, God is with us. In our lives when they are dark it makes it easier to see God’s light. We just have to look and reach out to people to help us when we feel weak. There is a piece of God in each of us. So before you do anything that could end your life please reach out to someone anyone. If they don’t help keep reaching out! Don’t give up because God is always with us and he doesn’t give us anything that we can’t handle.

Let’s pray, “dear heavenly Father, thank you for your word that we can use to guide us back to you through this dark world. Thank you for using each of us to serve your big picture. When someone doesn’t feel strong enough please have them reach out to someone who is. Have the stronger person guide then to you and let us always remember that you are with us. Amen.”