December 2016

Isaiah 43:2

2016 is about to come to a close. While doing the all famous #yearinreview I was thinking about how many times this year I felt like I was drowning from the stresses of work, health, finances, having a new baby..Each and Everytime I pulled through it..I should say we pulled through because God was with me every step of the way!


Isaiah 49:16

Alpha, Omega… Beginning and End….God is almighty..He does not have limitations at all. He has all the power with the ability to do ANYTHING! We are his children and can reach out to him through prayer for our hopes and dreams to come true…If they align with his will for our life, he will make it happen if not it’s simply not part of the plan. He does have something better planned for you! Pray for and with one another to find the glory of God and to understand that the power God has is not something that can be measured.

Matthew 16:26

Who wants a 6 bedroom mansion? A new Tesla? Month long trips out of the country? Most all of us do. But at what cost? I am telling you this now…If you get this stuff by doing business that isn’t in the best interests of another, such as selling them something you know they have no need or use for just for your own gain…This verse is for you…Don’t let greed get the best of you! Money isn’t the end all be all that is God. He wants us to love one another and do what’s right not take advantage of someone so we can have these temperary items! When the world ends or your life ends all those things you bought are gone…voosh they aren’t there. What you will have is how you made people feel and what love you have experienced…So go out and love one another..

Stormy Days

Have you ever been bogged down by so much stress and depression that you just can’t quite see the light at the end of the tunnel? Do you constantly feel tired and grumpy? I have recently been through this phase myself….it was not pretty and frankly I feel like I wasted part of my life, but at this point I can reflect and see that it is God helping make my “muscles” stronger.1 Corinthians 10:13, this tells us about God not tempting us with more than we can bear. I felt the stress and the pressure. I had many days of just wanting to give up and give in. I really prayed everyday for the break to come and God’s will to be done in my life. 

I finally got passed this storm. Remember any storm that comes into your life with perseverance and God you can get through it. You may even be a better and changed individual on the other side. I just felt the need to pass this on today. Feel free to comment with your personal story of perseverance or about when God came into your life.

Matthew 4:1-11

This speaks of when Jesus was tempted by Satan. How many of us have experienced Satan picking on us throughout our lives. I know I have some of my darkest days have been when Satan has been picking at me all day long with what it seemed like it would never end but fortunately for me I had Jesus put his arms around me and get me through it. If you have this feeling of being dark and depressed when you feel all alone know that no matter what or who in this world may go against you God is always for you I look at these Bible verses and I picture something very very amazing our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ standing up against the most evil creature that we could ever imagine whom was a fallen angel and he had absolutely no doubt in his mind that he was following his father. We need to follow in the same footsteps. By reading our bibles, praying more, building our relationship with the Lord will allow us to know him and learn from him. Who better to learn from than the only sinless man to ever walk this earth?

Joshua 1:9

You are never alone! God is with us during celebrations and in times where the world seems to be beating us down. Stay strong through the storm. The almighty is with you, you can do it!

2 Timothy 4:17

When you feel weak, look to Jesus for strength. The world will have its challenges and we will have trials here on earth but if we look to Christ we will make it through the situations and serve our purpose and reach our final destination with our heavenly Father!! Stay strong and look deep during trials and he will strengthen you to overcome.

Proverbs 16:3

God’s timing is perfect, no matter if we think something should happen right now or want it right now God has a reason for it not to. Maybe it’s so you can learn a few more lessons.

My story came about a few years ago. My wife had just gotten pregnant and we were so so excited! We had both dreamed about being parents since we were kids, so this was a dream come true…but at this point in time it just wasn’t meant to be. My wife had a miscarriage and our world’s were shaken. Asking God why?! Crying! Just not wanting to accept what had just happened. Then it took us 2 years to get pregnant again, but we are now parents to a beautiful, healthy, fantastic little girl! During those two years I learned probably a thousand lessons. I accepted Jesus as my savior, got baptized, I learned more patience, my love for my wife grew eminsly, I learned to open up about my feelings and trust her fully. And many more…The point is keep God at the forefront of your kind in all you do and he will bless you far better than you ever imagined. He had many many plans for us. Focus on him and soon you’ll see his plans for your life.

Psalm 27:11

Do you know how to live the perfect life? I know I don’t. I have to ask God to help guide me through this difficult journey. We have challenges and tests ahead that without God we will have an extremely if not impossible time trying to overcome. Pray, read scripture and books, talk with fellow Christians, these are some ways to learn to live life the way God intended. I’m a huge believer that things happen for a reason. So I believe if God wants you to read a certain book it will catch your eye or if you need a reminder of something God will show you in a book or a Facebook post you see on your newsfeed. 

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