January 2017

John 14:27

I find myself personally looking too much in the past or too much into the future when I really need to be living in the moment. Do you find yourself in a similar situation? I think what we need to work on is when we catch ourselves doing it in excess to say a prayer asking God to help set our minds back on the present moment so we can see the chances we have to serve him each day and to soak up the lessons all around.


Philippians 3:13

In today’s message I would like to shed some support to you and your journey! At times we feel overwhelmed and like we aren’t going anywhere. Maybe we are trying to do everything we can to get past the hurdle that is in our way, but can’t seem to get over it. This is one of two things happening…1.God is making you stronger by having you whether this storm so you will be better equipped to handle the next goal. 2. He is blocking that path for your life by shutting that door and redirecting you where he wants you to go! Now I’m not saying you should give up on your goals and dreams the very first time you hit a speed bump. Eventually though you need to see it’s not working and go to God in prayer asking for the door to open or for you to see which door he does want you to go to. Either way don’t give in…Keep pushing forward.

John 15:16

God created us, made us exactly how we need to be to fulfill our purpose on this earth. He gave us the skills to succeed and the weaknesses so that we would come to him to help strengthen us! We need to learn on God always! He loves us so so much more than we will ever understand! Thank him for making you who you are and for putting him exactly where you are! 

Psalms 37:4

If you put God at the forefront of your mind in all you do then his will for your life will become clear and it will match the wants of your heart! This is not a if I live life right I will definitely hit the lottery. It’s much more than a physical item..What more could a person want than eternal life with the one that created you and the one who sacrificed his life for our sins?! Want more? How about the fact that in the heavenly kingdom there will be not a single tear! No pain! No sorrow! We will be FOREVER happy! How much better can you get than that?! This is what I say this verse is really talking about!

Psalm 119-9,11

As an adult it is our job to teach the younger generation right from wrong. This should not only be how to ride a bike, drive a car, etc. It should be us teaching them about the Bible, teaching them about their savior Jesus Christ. In this world I’m afraid they won’t learn the right information on the streets or in most cases even hanging with their friends. This is our responsibility as Christians and followers of Christ! We have to teach them so they can teach the next generation! Please start, if you don’t know how reach out to one of your friends, or a youth pastor, or find them reading material such as this online. Have a discussion, after all our time here on earth has an expiration…So make sure you have impacted others before yours. God Bless

2 Corinthians 5:7

Have you ever just let go? Just said whatever happens happen? Well I personally have an issue with trying to plan out my life and try to see my next step. This habit doesn’t do much except make me anxious and stressed. Here we are being told to put it in God’s hands. We as humans have a mentality of trying to control everything from our employees, to our children, to our spouse, to our own destiny. This doesn’t work. Fight the urge to try and map out every little detail. Ask God to make your will for your life align with his and don’t forget you may be missing a great blessing in your life by being so focused on planning you can’t open your eyes to the present moment.

John 14:27

When thinking about your life right now, are you thinking about the past? Maybe something that you used to do that made you so happy to do. You can no longer do it. Does that make you sad? Are you on the opposite end of that and thinking about your future? Maybe something that is coming up that may be very stressful. A presentation that you have to do for your class. Either of those feelings are not good and don’t make for a peaceful time. The way to peace is to be in the very moment you are in. Yes you need to learn from your past and glance at your future to see where you are headed, however don’t get stuck in either place. Pray for God to help you stay in the moment so you can truly enjoy it and not miss out on something big happening before your eyes just because you are thinking about a different moment.

Psalm 136:1

Without the Lord in our lives oh how different it would be. Without Jesus being the sacrifice for us, we would be doomed for all eternity. Could you imagine the life you or I would love if we had no chance to be saved? I don’t want to even imagine a life like that! You are more than welcome to if that is what will help you come closer to the Lord and to thank him everyday then by all means imagine away. I do however suggest that we not squander this once in a lifetime opportunity by living by the world’s standard : money, fame, power. These if earned properly are great blessings from God. However if you lie, cheat and steal to get there it further divides you from your chance at eternal life. Keep that in mind when setting your career and life goals.

Join us each day with a new devotion. Pass this page onto your friends and family in hopes of helping change lives and keep Christians strong in their daily devotions. God Bless.

Psalm 23:5

This is speaking about God being with us and blessing us. He will take care of us even in the most scary and horrible situations in our life. Pray to him and he will provide you with everything you need to get through it. It may not be what you want “winning the lottery” but it will be exactly what you need in order to survive and do his will for your life. Pray this prayer, ” Dear Heavenly Father, please provide for everyone and myself the things we need in life to be able to serve you and complete our purpose on this earth. Amen.”

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