February 2017

Psalm 5:12

He protects his children! We are never alone even when we see to have noone or nothing. God protects us and loves us. He does a lot or fighting behind the scenes that we never now about to keep us safe. The war is already one, but it’s up to us to honor God and to fight our own little battles that we will win when we ask for help! 


James 5:11

I love my wife and daughter. However I couldn’t love them if our Father didn’t love us first! God is the meaning and example of love. He understands everything always. He picks us up and cleans us off and has us try life again. We fail him daily yet he understands and sets us up to try and succeed the very next day if we are wise enough to ask!

Acts 3:19

We have this amazing opportunity to have our sins forgiven if we are just wise enough to admit we are imperfect and make mistakes. God already knows all that you do right and wrong. He gave us this amazing chance by having Jesus die on the cross. You cannot run from your sin. You must face it head on ask God for forgiveness and he will wipe away your sins and make you a new person. Give your life to Jesus and watch how easy it is to build that relationship with him and to be open and honest about what sins you committed it is a very humbling experience but will make you so so much happier as God lifts your burdens of guilt and destroys them for you.

Numbers 6:24-26

This is a great way to be selfless and use our abilities to pray for the good of each other! Pray for protection of the Lord for one another! We don’t need to be selfish…Jesus wasn’t selfish and he showed us how to live a great life! Learn from this. There is nothing on this earth like when God lays his hand upon you and gives you total undisturbed peace…That is when you know you are able to rest and totally let God take over whatever is impacting your life at that very moment!

Psalm 23:1

When we give our life completely to God he makes sure we have enough. Fully surrender and you will not go without your necessities to survive. He gives us love, attention, air to breathe, a sun to help keep us warm, food to eat, and most importantly his word for us to live by! Jesus modeled a life for us to follow. In this world it is hard to not attack each other and compare ourselves to others, but we need to realize that with God all things are possible and with him that is all we need.

Proverbs 19:21

We all have hopes and dreams and goals for our lives. We do however need to realize that it’s not our wants and wished that come true, it is what the Lord’s plans are for us that comes true. If our wishes align with God’s plan then we will see it happen. Pray that your will for your life is transformed into the will that God has meant for you and you will become so much happier in life and see a lot more blessings come when you align yourself with God!

Colossians 3:15

Christ is peace, Christ is love. Follow Christ in all you do in your life and you will have less stress and find the peace that comes with putting your life in God’s hands. It is especially important to do this during a storm in your life. This is a big chance for you to see the love and peace that Jesus can bring you when you choose him!

John 13:34

God gives us commands to follow in order to prove our love to him. This one is of the most importance! If love did not exist this world would not have God in it. God is love. He loved us first and has instructed us to us that example and love each other. Make someone smile today and let them know you care about them.That is a great start to sharing love and passion! So I will start, you are beautiful, handsome, a sweet caring individual that lives a life of service and that is so inspiring. You inspire me and I care very much about your well being and hope this brightens your day!

John 8:32

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”.The truth is that Jesus Christ died on the cross for your sins. Know this truth and ask for forgiveness for all your sins. Ask Jesus to come in your life and ask that he help you be more like he as you walk this earth filled with many sins and temptations to sin. We are not perfect but turning your life to Christ is the only way to the Father! He cares and loves you but you must choose to accept his love in order to be saved and one day enter the gates of heaven when your body here on earth stops working but your spirit longs for more… Jesus gives us that more… For eternity!

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