March 2017

Isaiah 41:10

What’s troubling you right now? God says do not fear he is with you. I know that right now may be the very hardest times you have been through in your life. All of those other times that things weren’t ideal and you made it through, those gave you the strength to pull through this time! God is strength and is here to help if you will just let him. Don’t trip over yourself and get stuck. Partner with God and see the true blessings he has in store for you! Hold your hand out and ask God to take it and walk with you through your journey, do it now.


Ephesians 3:17-19

God loves us! We may never truly grasp just how much. Jesus dying for us is a huge step in understanding a tiny bit. Do you have someone you would give up your life for? Now would you give your life up for everyone even an enemy? That is a big difference in us and Jesus, he died for ALL. Keep that in mind as you approach today. Share love not hate. Pass on the love of Jesus Christ to your friends and family and even a stranger you encounter. They can too enjoy the love of Jesus if they are made aware of the glory of God. Everything you do give glory to God. His love gave us the skills and abilities to do all that we conquer in life so make sure he gets the due credit.

Psalm 73:26

God put each of us here on earth for a purpose. We are to make a difference in maybe one person’s life maybe millions. None of it is possible without his guidance. We cannot fulfill his will without getting to know him and talking to him. God will show you the task in your heart and he will strengthen you through the many challenges that stand in your way. Life is not easy. God made us strong so we can make it through life. He wants us to come to him for the extra strength we need to more than just exist. Lean on him to become the person he created you to be! Bless you along your journey. God please be with each and everyone of us as we go through your individual journeys and let each of us come to you during times of choices to make sure we are following your plan. Please bless us with the strength needed to overcome any obstacles standing between us and the goal of being reunited with you in heaven at the end of our days. Amen.

Ephesians 3:20

We all have dreams and goals for our life. I always wanted to be a head soccer coach but I haven’t achieved that yet. Could be because of its just not the right time or God is going to use me for a far bigger role. Could be sharing his word through this very blog. No matter how big or small your goals and dreams are God’s are much bigger and he will make them happen when they are meant to. Stay patient.

Micah 5:5

Nervous? Anxious? Mad? Sad? God has the cure for all of those feelings. When​ we align our lives with the life that God has meant for us everything flows smoothly. You don’t have nearly as many roadblocks that change your direction. Just remember if you are experiencing anything but peace that something in your life isn’t quite lined up yet. Pray to have help aligning your life so that you may experience peace.

Job 19:25

Jesus died on the cross…But he overcame death and was resurrected. He has shown us how to live a perfect life. Through him we are not condemned to death but have a chance at life! He is alive and well! I am here to share that with you! Rejoice because the Lord is coming back to earth. Last time was to save us!!! The next time will be to judge and take the believers home! Please accept Jesus Christ as your savior. Don’t be worried about what people may think or say. God created us all and he is the only person you need to worry about when you worry about people’s opinions. I pray that you will come to Christ today. I can honestly say that I would love to talk to you about what he has done in my life. Please comment or message me on the page @VisionaryBible on Facebook. I hope this Sunday is the beginning of the rest of your life. Amen!

Hebrews 6:19

Are you in a rut right now? You just can’t seem to get going again? Maybe it’s with a job. You need to ask God to help you with this. When we have strong hope we don’t stay in ruts long. Ruts are us doubting our gifts and abilities and ultimately we are doubting God because through him all things are possible. Just remember during this storm your hope for a better future and in God will anchor you down so you can weather through the storm and not lose who you are. God’s child!

Micah 7:8

We are not perfect. Its not possible for us to be perfect. No matter how hard we may try, we fail. Work, relationships, hobbies, we all come up short when it comes to one aspect or another. However, you can rest assured that when you fail at something you will get back up and try again or try something else. You can’t let that hold you back! The devil will throw everything he has at you to try and tempt you away from God. He will try to pull you down and not let you back up. God is way more powerful and can be your light through the darkness that you may be facing. Keep trying to rise when you have fallen and you will build all of the muscles that you will need to rise back up time and time again! 

Psalm 116:2

God commicates to us through the Bible, he tells us about his love, his kindness, his power. We can find every answer to every question in there. Sometimes we just don’t know what question we are trying to ask, so the best way is through prayer! Since God is all powerful he can listen to us and help untangle our thoughts and put in our hearts the answer we seek. Use prayer as your greatest tool to help you get through the world and one day enter heaven. There isn’t an exact time or place you have to catch God available. He is ALWAYS available to listen. Don’t hear your problems alone when God is ready to listen and help you.

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