What a blessing it is to have God’s word at our hand. We must ask for God to open up our hearts to let Jesus in then once we have Jesus in our hearts we can then ask God to open up our minds to understand his word so that we may learn and grow in his word. 

Our upbringing has a lot to do with who we are until we find ourselves deep inside. We are a society of closed minded people for the most part…My way or the highway.. I’m right, you’re wrong..No matter what you say..Do you think this is how we are supposed to be? I certainly do not think so. I believe firmly that God wants us to be open minded enough to understand others viewpoints so that we can find what we have in common with nonchristians. That way we can connect with them and help minister to them with God’s word. Don’t isolate yourself, use God’s word as a reason to be open minded and help others.