God created heaven and Earth. Now to me that screams all mighty and powerful. That he would be the Alpha and Omega with him being able to do that. God doesn’t have any limitations! He is all knowing and he has your life planned before you are born. Every obstacle he has set up to make you stronger. He wants to use us as inspiration for others that we come in contact with to see how God changes us from the world. God knows who we are going to impact​ when he gives us this life. Noone tells God what to do he does whatever he wants, but he never abuses those abilities because he loves us. A deep love that we may never truly grasp while being here on earth. 

Just take this away if nothing more, God has a wonderful life planned for you! He wants you to accept Jesus Christ as your savior and to give him control of your life so that his plans for you to grow and prosper are given to you with less trouble.