April 2017

John 14:27

Isn’t that what we are all truly chasing? Peace. Peace from the hustle and bustle of daily living. From work, school, life in general, all these things lead us into stress sometimes depression, and anxiety. That isn’t how God wants it to be. He wants us to be calm and relaxed, we need him in our life’s to reach the peace we seek. Know that he is protecting us and has written our stories already, we just need to believe in him and ask him to lead us through it and into the eternal peace!


Galatians 6:9

No matter what you have going on in your life, you should be looking for some way to do good. When we face difficult things in life sometimes it’s hard not to get caught up in the negatives that you are facing. Try to hold out hope. God never sleeps he is there, talk with him. 

We all do have problems in our life. Some may be worse than others. Shouldn’t we keep that in mind? Don’t put someone else down when you don’t know what’s going on in their life. Lift them and everyone else you encounter up! God says fight this storm, I for one am going to listen. Keep being the good person no matter how many people try to prevent it. You will see God give you a great harvest from your hard work! Just be patient and persevere through your personal issues. I am sorry for whatever you are going through, I hope this message finds you as you need it. God bless!

Isaiah 43:2-3

God is all powerful and he loves us. When we his children come to him for protection and guidance he loves it. He is always protecting us. He is not going to give us more than we can handle in life. We may get taken to our line of what we can deal with, but never over it. You must work muscles to grow them, try to remember that when God puts you to work with a challenge. Use those times to grow your faith, asking God to help come in and make a way for you to learn what you need to learn and move out of the clouds and back in the sunshine.

Ephesians 4:32

Aren’t we all guilty of doing something wrong? Haven’t we all had something wrong done to us? God gave us a key to happiness in the way he forgave us. He showed us to forgive others and to not let us hold grudges or it will do more damage to us than to that person. When we hold grudges we are the ones who think about it. We are the ones who obess over it to the point that we make up all of these scenarios that aren’t even close to the truth. Just remember to try and forgive others and to ask for forgiveness yourself. 

John 8:31

Wow what a privilege that would be! Take the teachings straight from the source, straight from Jesus! Who better to learn from? Today we have many different view points and understandings. Just remember to pray to God for him to show you what it really means so you can follow his world correctly. 

Don’t take anything for granted

As I lay here replaying my day in my head, I look over beside me to see the two gifts that God has brought into my life. My wife and my daughter. My mind goes completely blank and God says cherish these two. You all won’t be together forever, the chances of us all going to heaven at the same time is pretty small. It did inspire me to write this blog post. I found in Peter that God does speak through Peter to let us know not to take anything for granted. Enjoy the moments you get. Family, friends, alone time, all of it can be no longer possible so quickly. God has us all preparing for our destiny. Just please think about that when you get bummed out about spending time visiting instead of something a little more fun.

Others have tougher journeys than I. I am very blessed​ to live in the world I do. America. I have safety in my home, I can practice my beliefs freely. I can eat a meal and have clean water when I want or need. God blessed me in this life and I owe him my whole life for it! Think about your life and how blessed you are and enjoy all the time you get to serve him.

Philippians 2:13

Do you ever get the feel God working through you? Putting someone in front of you that needs you? Maybe it’s to help with a meal, or a kind word, or even just a smile. God works in mysterious ways, but he is the reason that things happen that we cannot always explain. I have helped people that I felt a tug in my heart to help. I felt God say help this man. So, I submitted to God and did as he wished. This is how we live a happy full life. Submit to God. Get to know him through prayer and Bible study. You will get a better grasp on who he is and what he would want you to do. It may not be as small as just helping someone with a small donation, maybe it’s adopting a child that needs you more than anything! Just listen for God, when he calls…Answer. Do as he says and give him the glory! He deserves it and will reward you!

Luke 16:13

God vs money. What or who guides your life? This is a tough subject because a lot of the world runs on money. We go to work to make money. We take that money and give to others for things like (food, lights, water, etc.) We pretty much have to work to survive. Especially in today’s world where nothing seems to be given away if someone believes they can make money off of it. There is a line in there.

God doesn’t ask us to buy our way into heaven, but rather just dedicate our lives to him. The bill has already been paid with the cross. We are paid in full. God is wanting us to share that with the world. Don’t be so obsessed over working for money or being greedy that you don’t take care of your spiritual needs. God will make a way for all the things you need. Put him as the top priority in life and the rest will fall in place!

Just remember at the end of your life, God reigns king and no matter the money we have here on earth it won’t get us into heaven. 

Joel 2:25

God is the Alpha and Omega. He is the beginning, the end and the in between. He is everything. He can take us and grow us. Use us to praise his kingdom and him.

Think about your down right lowest point in life, where you felt out of control absolutely hopeless and like God made mistake creating you. Now looking back on that..What has changed? Have you came to Jesus asking for forgiveness and thanking him for dying for you? Has God helped you evolve into what you were meant to be? Is he still molding you? 

Just remember that God has control and we can have faith in the fact that it will all work out for the best as God loves us more than we can even fathom.

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