May 2017

Trust God

Life is full of twists and turns and ups and downs, the thing to remember whether you are on a mountain high or valley low God is still with us! Every step of the way! He helps us grow and mature in order to serve his kingdom and bring him glory! Do you want to live a life that you see the blessings of life or one where you just go through the day to know not seeing the blessings that come with trusting God? The decision is yours.


Proverbs 16:3

God has plans for us to grow and fulfill his purpose for our life. That purpose can be several things, a career, a friendship, a volunteer event, a hobby, a spouse, children. Etc. He has plans for us. When we say Lord your will not mine our life will be much much better, because he has powers that we do not have and he loves us. Never underestimate the power of God when you are doing his will and his work. Give his glory the kingdom and you will be amazed at where he takes you!

Matthew 6:19

This verse tells us there are more important things in life than material objects. Those things are time with your family and with God. The part in your life that you will be able reap the most reward from is the part you put the most energy into. Do you want to reflect back on life about the objects you have that will become dust one day or your relationships and memories that you have made? Those will last for eternity. Love each other and show it. Show your love with time not just objects!

James 1:17

God is everything good! He gives us gifts that we don’t deserve, but because he is who he is and shows us mercy we are allowed to enjoy in the gifts from God.(spouses, children, friends, family, jobs, churches, schools, homes, etc). What is amazing is the fact that God is the same today as yesterday and the day before that and will be the same tomorrow. He never changes and that gives us hope in the fact of his word still stands for us just as it did when it spoke it to the disciples! Amen!!

Acts 2:38

This was Peter speaking to the Jews and people that were in Jerusalem. He was showing them the answer to become closer to God. This still applies today! Can you feel the Holy Spirit with you? Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your savior for your sins? There were 3,000 lives saved that night. What an amazing work of God! He showed Peter and Joel what to say in order for them to make an impact on the lives they touched. He will do them same for you and I if we talk with him and get to know him better! Help be a follower of Christ and help lead others to him!

Hebrews 13:5

Going back to my vlog We are told that we cannot have a love of money and God. We will worship one and not the other. We must put God first, because he is our Father and when the world ends money will be no more, but God will remain FOREVER! God has a loving heart and is very patient with us. We fail him daily, but he still loves us. He has great blessings for us! We must learn patience to receive them. God’s timing is perfect he does not rush. He does not delay. He delivers exactly when we need it most. Be thankful for what you have and ask God for what you need and he will supply your needs even sometimes your wants if they match his purpose!

Staying Focused

Matthew 6:24 and Matthew 6:33.


Each individual person has their own amount of Faith in God. It isn’t a contest, don’t compare yours to someone else’s. We are all unique and have faced different circumstances that has brought us where we are. God has made us for a purpose. Do you know yours? If not that’s okay he will come to you in his time. His time to tell us is perfect! The advice I have is if you don’t know yet just keep praying and weathering the battles that you face with the devil. You are being strengthened through these challenges to fulfill your destiny! Have faith that God will pull you through the storm and build you into the person he wants you to be. Remember the war was won at the cross by Jesus! It’s just time for us to remember that so, we can spread the glorious news that there is hope for us past this life!

Luke 24:45

Have you ever noticed a difference in your life when you have kinda just went with the flow? In my experience when we have something made up in our mind, kinda like we are going to do this thing no matter what. That is when we miss out on life’s biggest blessings, we must open our hearts to receive the holy spirit and to be moved into the mindset that we need to be in order to serve our loving God. God wants us to learn his word in order for us to live by his commands and to be able to spread his word. I pray for each of us to go into today and every day with our minds and hearts open so God can use us for his glory, he has big plans for each of us, but we must open our hearts for him to lead us!

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