Let us remember that none of us are perfect. That we all have our opportunities to be better and grow. We all fall short of perfection. Jesus Christ shows what a perfect life looks like and is. Make sure you think of that today and any other day when you fall short of your goal. Noone is perfect, keep trying. Ask God for help and guidance as you pursue that goal. Leave yourself a note of this as well, do not put others down, because we all are inadequate. Remember that we are brothers and sisters in Christ. Let us love one another and support each other. 

This verse is Jesus showing mercy when all the others were wanting to stone the woman. Jesus shows us to look at our selves can not be so quick in judging others because we are all sinners and fall short of perfection. I ask God to come into each of our lives and help us be more like Jesus. To be patient, loving, wise, serve others and to lead others to the cross!