June 2017

God Has Prepared You

When you sit and think about your life, today for instance, did you realize that your past has brought you here. Someone you ran into today needed that smile or they needed you to be able to dig back into your experiences and be able to give them hope that they will make it through what they are facing. God used your heartbreak from high school so that you could speak to someone that is at the end and is considering ending their life. He is using you living through it so you can share it with that person to save them. He is using your weight problems as a way for you to meet new people at the gym and spread your faith and story with them. And so on, no matter what your story share it, you may be the one that inspires someone else to go out and change the world or at least one person’s world.


Ephesians 6:12

Remember that battle you have been fighting for the past week, month, year, or years? Yeah that one. That is the evil forces working against you. They know you are loved by God Almighty and they know he has great plans for you. They are making a last ditch effort to stop you, to try and make you believe you aren’t good enough, that you don’t measure up. Just remind them that God is with you always and is unstoppable and you have God inside you and that makes you unstoppable as well!

Colossians 1:17

The first thing on our mind every morning should be God, through out the day God, as we lay our head to rest on our pillow God. All day long we should put on our mind. We should think of the love he has for us, the mercy he has, the power of God to create everything in our life. God is the glue that holds marriages, families, and lives together. Love him and praise him for all that he has given us!

Psalm 145:9

God has created everything on the earth, and he loves all! He has a path made for each of us unique just as we are. Remember that no matter what we do in life we are forever loved by God Almighty. We can never get away from him, no matter how much we may feel like a failure and a sinner. God always loves us!

John 4:23

Let us praise and worship our God! It is because of him that we live and that we are who we are. Let us worship his all saving grace and mercy for our imperfections he looks past because, Jesus took those imperfections to the grave and arose from the grave with our freedom and eternal life in hand! Can I get an amen?! What is more impactful than knowing that our Savior went to battle with death and brought us life!!! Eternal life! I’m shaking writing this because, I know how important that is! We shall give our all to glorify Jesus Christ! Without him there would be no reason to live! Open your heart and let the Holy Spirit come in and show you how much God loves you! We are talking about John 3:16 God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son! What a sacrifice! That’s how much he loves us, enough to sacrifice his own son for us!!!

Psalms 37:8

Anger is an emotion that we all face at some point, it takes over our mind. When the steam fills your brain it fogs up your thinking. All that you have going on and blocks it from your thoughts or view. You have only one goal to find a release for this anger. I will say that there are many tricks or tips that people will try to sale you on. Honestly the only thing that works for me time after time is when I feel it coming to remind it that my God is in control and bigger than the anger I feel. He doesn’t want us to be angry and to harm one another for revenge, he wants us to love each other and support each other in all that glorifies God! Remember that anger leads to evil and bad things, but we don’t have to be trapped by it, Jesus is ENOUGH!

Power of Prayer

In our comfort and in our discomfort one thing remains steady, that is God. He is always there to listen. We have a hotline 24/7 to talk to, we just need to slow our minds long enough to be able to use our ability to pray. Do you have something big coming up? Pray. Do you have just an average day coming? Pray. Are you in the fight of your life with Satan? Pray. The answer is Pray to all questions and situations. He is listening and will respond in his way and his timing. You will see, just pray.

John 5:28

When Jesus comes for his 2nd time to this earth, it won’t be to save, but to judge. He will be bringing eternal life to the ones that have believed in him and have loved him and followed God’s word! He is the son of God and Jesus has power! Let us be thankful that he was merciful enough to die on the cross for our sins and give us the chance to join him in heaven!

Psalm 5:12

As fear tries to dig it’s claws deep in you to keep you under it’s power, our God is helping protect us out of our sight. He has already been through everything we will face do not fear because he has survived it and we protect us through it!

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