In this chapter, some Levites have opposed Moses and Aaron. They have come to say that Moses has put himself on a pedestal above the rest of them. Moses has only obeyed God. They continue to talk about leaving Egypt and why he has brought them to the desert. They are not listening to God, they are getting caught on their selfish ways by trying to remove Moses and Aaron. They were selected to help minister to the rest of the Isrealites, but aren’t doing as God wishes. They and 250 others burn their own offering, the Lord listens to Moses as he had given the warning. He told them let the men die of natural causes if Moses did any wrong doing to the Isrealites, but if he was only doing as the Lord instructed for the earth to open up and swallow them whole. So, the men that had not listened to God and burned their own offering had the offering rejected and were cast into the center of the earth. 

The point here is that God has given us rules to live by, he has a purpose and a plan for each of us. As we so his purpose we will be rewarded and feel the Holy Spirit with us, when we sin and go against his plan and break his rules we are separating ourselves from our Father. He may not end our lives as he did the people who did not believe in him and opposed him, but we will not get the rewards that come with walking in line with God. Think of that as you are have a self reflection. Are you consumed by the Holy Spirit or are you feel alone and lost?