Are you happy right now? Are you sad, stressed, mad, alone, overwhelmed, desperate, missing yourself, lost, any other emotions? Whatever your situation Jesus is your answer. He died on the cross and overcame death so that we would have the choice of happiness! Without him, we would simply be doomed and would never have hope of happiness, no light at the end of the dark tunnel that you may be facing. Let him shine the light in your situation and show you that the end is in sight. He loves you, God loves you! God sent Jesus to earth to fulfill his purpose of allowing us the ability to choose. Will you choose Jesus today? He is waiting with his arms wide open! Ready to love you embrace you and take the chains and break them. All that we have done, felt, and faced he can make better, we just have to choose him and ask him to forgive us. Accept him as your Savior and let him love you. I promise your life will be forever changed, mine had been.