When is the last time you let your guard down and truly surrendered to God and his plan? For me it’s been a while, but it hit me like a ton of bricks Tonight and I got on my knees and asked God and Jesus to take back lead over my life and the lives that I impact.
It’s easier than you may think to lose your way, It happens a little at a time until your time of prayer, your Bible study, you being the servant God placed you here to be all become 2nd priority. In my case it has been money, I keep thinking thoughts and focusing on ways to make more money. The thought, if I just had more money life would be easier, but that is incorrect. I know this, but God needed me to gain perspective tonight. I just hope this message helps someone else in their walk with God, whether it be the beginning or you have the best relationship humanly possible with him. Please take a moment or more if you need and ask Jesus and God to lead you in your journey here on this Earth. It is temporary and just that a journey, hills and valleys, but when our last breath is taken we will have arrived to our destination, heaven or hell. The choice is is ours, our debts have been paid with Jesus’ pierced hands.